Far Northeast Denver Community

Progress in Far Northeast Denver Schools

This year, progress has been made in several important aspects of the schools serving Far Northeast (FNE) Denver, including the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods.

In DPS, we are committed to ensuring that families throughout the Far Northeast have strong schools in their neighborhoods. We know that excellent schools are at the heart of our communities.

May 2018 Community Letters

Superintendent Tom Boasberg’s letter to the Far Northeast Denver community (Available in English and Spanish)

Regional Athletic Director Damian Brown’s letter to Far Northeast Warriors coaches (Available in English and Spanish)

Far Northeast Education Commission

DPS created the Far Northeast Education Commission to better understand the community’s most pressing priorities and inform future district policymaking. The commission was formed after a year of DPS-led engagement and feedback sessions with community members in the Montbello, Parkview and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods.

The commission was co-chaired by three community members: Patricia Slaughter, retired DPS instructional superintendent and educator, and 30+ year resident of Montbello; Erin Brown, Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs, Green Valley resident and DPS parent; and Chris Martinez, Montbello Organizing Committee member, Montbello resident and community leader.

How did the commission gather community-identified priorities?

In 2017, DPS responded to a growing need to re-engage and build relationships with the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch communities. We began with a series of “Listening and Learning” sessions that brought representatives from DPS teams out into the neighborhoods to meet and interact with families and community members. Superintendent Tom Boasberg and former Denver Board of Education member Rachele Espiritu also participated in these sessions, which were held in Montbello, Parkfield and Green Valley Ranch.

The Public Affairs team continued the listening tour in 2018 by hosting 11 school- and church-based community feedback meetings. During these meetings, parents, community, members, educators and students were split up into groups to go through a series of guided questions and share about their experience with DPS in the region.

Feedback meetings were held at a range of school locations, community centers and churches:

School Locations

  • Academy 360
  • McGlone Academy
  • KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy
  • Noel Community Arts School
  • DSST: Green Valley Ranch
  • Vista Academy
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College
  • Florida Pitt Waller K-8
  • Marie L. Greenwood Academy
  • Maxwell Elementary
  • Omar D. Blair
  • Sandra Todd-Williams Academy

Community Centers and Church Locations

  • Montbello Organizing Committee
  • Ascension Catholic Parish
  • True Light Baptist Church

Following these meetings, the commission’s facilitator, Marisol Rodriguez – co-founder of Insignia Partners, compiled the feedback and identified overall themes (academics, athletics, shared campuses and wellness) to help guide the commission’s work.